MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


I though as @Jettuh posted his little thing here I would too…



I would like to have a small arrow at the placeable stuff like counters so it will be more clear, in what direction an item looks. Also, you could color-code certain squares to indicate, where a passenger or employee will be standing at the item. This way you could save some trouble with placement only to get XX cannot get to work messages.


I would like to see more liveries for the GA Aircraft. Shouldn´t be too much work but would make it more enjoyable to play at a GA Airport.

  1. A follow mode for the camera. So the view keeps following a certain aircraft/passenger.

  2. Barriers/cordons to cordon off areas (sort of indoor fences). To control passenger flow, like used at real airports.

  1. The big table with seven chairs for the board’s meetings. It’s in the staff menu, but where is it at the airport?