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when looking at the [Screenhots & Video’s] the photo called {Check-in Procedure} it shows that the ticket booth itself has a que creation button, but how will this work with using 1 que for multiple desks, will this be possible? i know this is used in allot of airports i go to and is also stated in some guideline books: http://imgur.com/a/7BRBJ


How intriguing…


Immigration and emmigration checks for certain flights.


Hey, I hope our CEO will have a office in our Airport.
Also it will be awesome if we could control him/her. (Just for fun).

Ideas that I have came up with
  1. There should be a on/off grid option for those of us who like seeing the grid at all times.

  2. Plannig tools. So that you know where each thing will go. Start small, think big.


There should be Easter Eggs and some Interesting event


Busses that takes passengers from the gate to the aircraft, if the parking spot for the aircraft is out on the tarmac.
Perhaps a Limo service as well for certain airline´s first class passengers?

(Just to be clear, this is inside the secure zone)


^ Remote stands are planned as a future development, but from what has been said so far they won’t be in the initial release.


I did a search and couldn’t find anyone who suggested this before, but here is a tiny suggestion, if it hasn’t already been submitted;

Can you add a carpet to floors (I didn’t see one in the demo) and make that carpet colour pickable like the couches? This way we can make a room like the office exactly what colour we want to match the furniture. :slight_smile:


Option to have a centralized baggage drop-off instead of only at check-in desks. This would eliminate the need to run baggage belts behind every single check-in desk.

My airport is moving away from the former and adopting the latter model. It saves a lot of space and reduces the number of machinery present. Passengers can check-in at the multiple self-serve kiosks available and these kiosks print out baggage tags/stickers. These kiosks are generally served by a fewer number of airline agents who are there to assist with those experiencing difficulty through the self check-in process. The passengers then take the tagged baggage to the centralized baggage drop-off themselves.

The trade-off is that the centralized bag drop-off needs to be at a place where passengers logically travel towards, is at risk of congestion, and needs to be staffed. Still this doesn’t replace the need of traditional check-in desks that can perform more complex tasks that a self-serve kiosk cannot, but you’d have less check-in desks because in the same space of a check-in desk you can have 2-4 kiosks.

I guess the check-in kiosks is another suggestion that complements the centralized baggage drop-off suggestion.

This video demonstrates what I mean for check-in kiosks. However the video shows baggage drop-off at just another “check-in desk”. That could work too.


I like your idea. Check-in-kiosk are really common and it would be a nice feature


Some smokers area’s. I’m currently at the airport and only then you notice that if the airport has a bad location for smoking the peeps try to stay there til the last minute and be to late at the gate delaying the flight, could be a fun gameplay feature


I think by smoking u mean that ‘smoking’ (cigarettes), well this shouldn’t be included in the game.
Smoking is a habit, which shouldn’t be depicted in any form in any game or film, as it may ‘inspire’ some to take it up.
I agree it’s a person’s own right to decide his/her habits, but we shouldn’t be promoting it. I am not against them who smoke but the truth is, it affects health.

If the film industries can take up the job of cutting smoking scenes (They try to avoid it as much possible OR they show ticker on screen), then ideally it shouldn’t be in games too as it’s going to be played by lots of kids.


I disagree with you here that a game should be politically correct. By depicting it, you aren’t promoting it. That’s a backwater concept. Or should the devs get paid by the airlines because they are promoting flying? Or maybe the devs should be sued, because they are promoting that flying isnt safe, because they are depicting emergency equipment. The bar sells alcoholic beverages, so does that promote alcoholism?
Should we make sure every race in the world is included, or else it promotes racism?

This is a game, not a political or social statement.

Then again, i can certainly understand if the devs want to steer clear of any topics that someone in the world might find offensive. But that would be up to the devs and not the community deciding what is politically correct enough.

It does offer a bit of extra gameplay. like daycare centres and such. Just a bit of extra space to make a few people happy :slight_smile:


^ Whilst I agree with @pderuiter that a depiction of smoking in a game like this is not in itself harmful, and is relatively true to real life, I think that some jurisdictions around the world put restrictions on media that depicts smoking (it might mean that the game is flagged as having inappropriate content, for example). Best avoided I think. Ultimately, not all airports have smoking areas anyway and I suspect that the number is dropping, so the omission wouldn’t be too badly missed.


I’m pretty indifferent about the smoking section for passengers. The airport I work at has one in the secure area which is maintained by a restaurant. They charge a small fee to enter the smoking section.

With that being said, watching the first alpha video, I noticed the fuel section with the Avgas and Jet-A. The airline I work for has four different types of ground service equipment. Diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and electric. Glossing over the electric, the inclusion of one or all of those fuels could add a new mechanic and another resource to manage for the airlines.


I’m not sure where you live, but in Canada, smoking is banned from every public place, including bars. There are no more “smoker’s sections” anywhere, and if you want to smoke you have to go outside; even then, no smoking is allowed within 10m of any doorway outdoors. (Except private residence)


The state I live in, it’s much the same. However, we do have a smoking area that’s not even outdoors. Just a big open room that’s walled off and I imagine ventilated. The only reason why I know it exists is because I’m a ramp serviceman and I’m asked at least once a week where it’s at when I’m upstairs.


well actually security has to know about them passing through security with a weapon so in does sorta affect the airport


Definitely planned. Hopefully pre-alpha, let see.