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I think I’d quite like to see different colours on employee name badges for their departments.


From the video I could see difference between temporary staff (yellow) and normal staff (blue). :slight_smile:


Security staff, blue, airport staff, black, contractors, orange, janitors, green… I think there’s more but I can’t remember now. Oh yeah, executives have gold and silver, lol.


I’m not sure I like the pre-placeable runway item. It seems a bit restricted. I think it might be a good idea to be able to build your own runway and then planes will land if it’s big enough. If the runway is just big enough for an aircraft it increases the chance of it overrunning or performing a go-around which could delay the airfield operations and warrant runway expansion.
It could also allow you to spend as little as you possibly can on a runway, as you want a runway for one of the smaller planes but have to build a much larger “medium” runway which has far too much space in it just because it needs 5 more meters more than the “small” runway can offer.

Also I think the inclusion of runway lights in the first place is missing a trick, where you could make it up-gradable for the sake of making your field more desirable to airlines.


The runway you place is the absolute minimun size to handle the smallest of aircraft. Then you can extend it to handle larger aircrafts. There is actually already a system to add lights and other runway features. It was never shown and disabled in the video as it is one of those many things we are right now polishing. That is the reason you should not take the video as 100% of the actual game mechanics. :slight_smile:


One small question about runways ('cause its a topic above me). Is it possible to declare a runways only as landing runway or starting runway?


Not at the moment but it is something we will add when we will support multiple runways.


Have you considered GA Aircraft?

I learned to fly at Netherthorpe Airfield EGNF and it has a 400m and a 500m grass runway that’s pretty much just a field with some paint on it.

I am wondering if it would be possible to create airfields such as NF, but the small place-able (upgradable as you say?) tarmac runway suggests maybe not?


Check this topic out, though it’s more about GA in general General Aviation/ non contracted flights


Screens with gate information and maybe ATC instructions for the crew of the plane mounted on the outside wall of the terminal at gates.


What do you imagine how would that work? After all this game is played looking from on top


But it should be there… ‘windows’ in PA help in increasing Room quality and temperature control.

Same way These screens may help the airport ratings to go up.
Remember we want to make a perfect airport… for passengers not for ourselves.:smiley:


It would be an upgrade for gates, it would be a black jutout from the terminal.


Oh, and plane spotters getting in trouble for being to close to the fence or doing something​ crazy to see the planes


I want to touch on something. I believe it’s been brought up before, but I’d love to see airline themed objects. Obviously we can color our benches and seats certain colors, but I’d like to see THEMED objects. They could have ‘liveries’ and be ‘assigned’ to an airline. Here’s what I’m thinking.

Gates- Assign airlines to a gate or set of gates.
Check-In and Gate AgentDesks- This is where the liveries would come in, and would produce the livery colored light, if you will.
Carpets- Ploppable objects on the floor for each airline.
Signs- They’d be on the walls or freestanding, but would produce the light.
Self check-in kiosks- Of course, in colors of the airlines.


Nice one… While creating an airline, Devs (and most possibly community modders in future) could add a livery package, through which various objects could be ‘liverized’ to suit the Airline.


Your suggestion to assign airlines to gates is a cool idea.

Also would be cool is the ability to select which gates are for certain type of planes. This would be nice especially for those airports that want to have both airliners and general aviation aircraft, and perhaps the ability to draw parking “zones”, furthering the ability to define parking spots.


I don’t know if this has been discussed, but I would like to see the conveyor system integrated with the gate/stand as is the case in most intl airports these days. This could be a more expensive gate/stand to buy or an expensive upgrade to an existing gate/stand.


I saw on Sim Airport gameplays that they use pre-ready unrelated radio talks before take off and landing. Will it be like that in AirportCEO?

My suggestion is creating a small script. Reading voice records before take off and landing. For example.;

TWR: “Flight” “1” “2” “3” “cleared to” “land” “runway” “0” “9” "Left"
Flight123: “cleared to land runway” “0” “9” “Left” “Flight” “1” “2” “3”

There are many sites that provide these kinds of .mp3 files for free. Some of them are really smooth. “I am Air Traffic Controller 3 / 4” players will understand what I meant. Even developers can use Balabolka to create their .mp3 files and maybe they can record airline names instead of “Flight”


This topic was discussed previously :slight_smile:

and the dev’s answer: