MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


Thanks, pderuiter!


I am honest I didn’t see any radio related suggestions when I did search.

Accepy my apology.


i have an idea. my idea its so you can hire milliters so they can hold the airport secure from bomber and riot and it could be bomber and riot. sorry fo my bad language am not english


I think that will be under the job of the security people, no need for military. Unless the devs implement a feature where the airports can be a mixed-use civil/military airport


Perhaps later you can get the military involved as an event. I.e. a hijacking


but in major big airport in europa it is milliter, it just ads realism :wink: to it


@gabbefromsweden has a point, military personnel is patrolling in almost every major airport in Europe. However, since the devs aren’t going to add terrorism to the game, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to add the these military people…


Makes for a nice little DLC though. :smiley:


Some kind of Tech Tree would be good to bring out the more complicated aspects as it gets further hours into the game. For e.g once you make your first gate the first tech opens up to Airlines and as it progresses through the tree and game gets more difficult you achieve something to open up Avionics Technicians as it gets to the mid stuff and minor things in the beginning like Airline Administrative Support where you can hire admin staff for things like logistics and as it gets even more further up the tree things like Security Patrol where you can select where you want your security to patrol so it would be like:

Airlines > Airlines Admin Support > Finance > Operations Agent > Avionics Technicians > Aviation Meteorologist (Weather) … ect.

I think it will add a sort of longevity to the game to have a Tech Tree like that. Just my two cents.



Edit: Someone said you won’t have terrorism for Security Patrol but I was thinking more on the line of contraband, illegal substances ect.


I think They can develop the area, like which one is domestic and international.
And the plane will park automatically to the place.

And the application request from Airlines, Like requesting for another flight schedule, request for sleep-over plane,Request for re-schedule time, request from airline for upgrading airport, request from airline for more flight schedule.

And also a time management for Runway, so the airport CEO will know to approve or decline the next airplane application.


yeah thats an fantastic idea


And i more thing, we could Name by ourself the Airplane parking area Number and the Gate Number. Thank you


First, your game play looks awesome! I did purchase another similar game last week who just released an Alpha and after playing it, I hope Airport CEO doesnt have the same minor and major detail issues. haha :slight_smile:

  • retail space / gift shops / cafes ect to bring in extra funds for the airport.
  • options for us to zone and design our own VIP area for passengers.
  • allow as much customization as possible! (which it looks like you already have)

Game looks excellent guys, keep up the good work. I look forward to playing it.


Oh, one more…

If able, allow us to schedule the aircraft on the runway and the gate they will go to.


@paid2flyfast assigning runways for aircrafts is not realistic. In real life all aircrafts use same runway or parallel runways according to wind direction.

About gates, it is up to developers.


Minor thing, I was going through all the dev logs closely to put stuff I found here.
In Devlog 42, the rain drops were being seen has vertical lines, like how you would see it if you were on the ground. As this is 2D, shouldn’t the rain drops be tiny drops getting further and further away from you as they drop rather than lines falling down your screen?


I understand your point and agree however I think it it hard to make it look like the drops fall since raindrops are so small. We can pretend it is always windy when it is raining and therefore the drops fall sideways. :slight_smile:


To support @CodyTheLion



I really like this, great idea.


I feel for lots of content of decorative items such as loads of plants, telephone boxes, loads of floor/carpet textures, they already have a colour pallet system so I’m really looking forward to that, just little things that are not room requirements if you get what I mean. I like getting creative and I’m sure loads of people do too and would enjoy it. I’m sure they have a lot of that stuff but I would like to see it in game maybe on the next video. Just a thought. :bulb: