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Great idea! I agree with you


Fix the tree shadow they look kinda of :evergreen_tree:


Add sleep box!

Tired travelers must be looking for a place to sleep over if their flight is delayed or they are waiting for a transition flight, a sleep box would be an ideal solution for them! Both convenient, privacy proved, and inexpensive compare to hotel.

Also, instead of concrete walls, there shall be glass walls, so ppl can enjoy the outside views.

Just a suggestion :smiley:


Totally agree, windows/glass is a must! :wink:


Walking Belts. If you have large airport, you really want your people to travel fast to the gate.


I think they have implemented it. Just forgot to show us


Here is the tweet!


Real deals


I hope an air force demonstration team uses your airport once in a while :slight_smile:


I really want the glass panel walls to be there. All the airports use glass walls, so it would be unrealistic to not to have them in the game.


How do you anticipate it working in a top-down 2D simulation, though? Not a criticism - it is much nicer to have a view than to not. Would it improve the ambiance for passengers, perhaps? I’d like to see it implemented, but not quite sure how it would work and what effect it would have.

As for all airports having glass walls - many just have large windows, and some of the portacabins that Ryanair use don’t even have windows so it’s not at all unrealistic to deprive your pax of natural light if you’re feeling particularly cruel.

  • More external light / less need for light sources
  • Beautification bonus
  • It could look like a very thin wall


The first two points are exactly what I’d like to see - provided that they exist in the game! (We’ll see in due course I expect). If not, it’s a lot of work to get to the stage where the windows are worthwhile.


Like the idea of having busses transporting passenger from the plane to the terminal building.


I don’t know if this was said but I think the game should have food catering trucks so the airlines could offer in flight meals.


A suggestion to make the security stations more true to life: IRL, Security staff are only allowed to monitor the x-ray screen for 20 minutes and then they rotate (it’s to make sure that it’s a pair of rested and focused eyes spotting potential weapons) so it would be cool if the 4 security staff on a station rotate positions from time to time!

This is more of a minor detail / eye candy that will make the airports more realistic but by no means should be crammed into the alpha product. This is for later updates!


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I think you are talking about shifts. This has been discussed before.:smiley:

Edit: You are rather talking about 2hr rotation. Which is not exactly same as discussed but it has the same functionality i guess.

Also next time please post small suggestions/questions in this thread.:wink:


Moves to the small suggestions thread.

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I think there will be food trucks for the airlines, but not in the first release


Didn’t know that there was a minor details thread, thanks for the move.

Both yes and no. This is not shifts as such, it’s just that one person is not allowed to legally sit and monitor the x-ray for more than 20 minutes before a break from the screen but then the person just swaps with someone else on the station and continues working the bins or the metal detector. When they’ve been doing something else for 40 minutes then they can retake the position as monitor. A security station shift is usually longer than 2 hrs.