MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


I also have a couple of suggestions:

  1. concerning the employees it would be nice if one could create a room where they can take their breaks. And if the things that are in the room (e.g. a TV, pooltable) would influence their mood.

  2. I’m pretty sure this has been said before but I would enjoy the possibility of being able to build hangars for cargo or maintenance (the maintenance possibilities could make airlines want to fly to your airport).

  3. Additionally, it would be cool if one had to make a special section of the airport for international (or transatlantic flights) with more security.

  4. In the videos I haven’t seen baggage claims yet. Hope they make it into the game.

  5. Will the airports be able to have more than one floor? It would be nice to be able to make one floor for arrivals and one for departures.

  6. Will children also be included as a passenger type? I would enjoy the challenge to have to make a family friendly airport.

  7. Pushback and catering trucks would be nice to have.

  8. Also I feel that car rental belongs to every airport.

  9. I would find it more realistic if the contracts that one makes with the airlines are longer than 11-14 days. I think a contract for at least half a year would be more realistic.

  10. My other suggestions (De-icing, parking) have already been mentioned.

I can’t wait to play the game! It looks really good guys! Keep up the good work!


I think if you search you will find an answer to about every suggestion :slight_smile:


Sorry :confused: I new to this forum and didn’t know the search feature yet. I’m just so excited about the game that I wanted to get all my ideas out there :grin:


Hey, by all means. We’re aiming to give the devs ideas well into 2020… :slight_smile:

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Edit2: think of it this way: these must be excellent suggestions, since more people want them :smiley:


Sure, it’d cause a significant impact on revenue, you’d have to pay high penalty fines and your reputation might decrease. But how do you counter all this? The only way to counter it is to have sufficient capital going into it and you still have to sit and do nothing for [x] minutes…


The bus getting into and out of the stop looks a bit awkward in the videos so far; change the shape of the bus stop to be a sawtooth bus bay:

(two stops pictured)

Should take about the same space, but will make the animation of pulling in/out of the space not drive all over the sidewalks.


Guys, did you actually already noticed the flight information displays in the second video? :smiley: I thought it was worth sharing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Source: https://youtu.be/1gsIwim_E04?t=6m10s


Hm - What do you think about manually deploying staff to the scene to resolve the issue as quickly as possible? You could chose between just sitting there waiting for their automatic actions or deploy them manually to re-open the runway sooner. I get now what you mean and you are right, but I think that an implementation would be worth discussing/ thinking about.

The big topic of features and where to find them

Would make a nice addition. Just like in … ugh… what was that game where you could place police / fire department / ambulance markers to get these to get to a place.
I know Startopia does it where you can place a marker that attracts your citizens.


It was/ is possible in Prison Ar… Whatever :smiley:


I agree with manually deploying staff as per my initial comment you replied to :wink:

Having some configurable automatic actions would also be nice, for example you can get the fire crew to automatically go to the runway entry point ready to be called on by yourself.


One idea would be to to mimic different “flat” terrain types.
I mean like it’s more expensive to build say a runway on some specifik tiles due to gruond conditions.
For example:
Grasstiles with underground solidrock = chepest
Grasstiles with underground fractured rock = + say 1000$/Sm
Grasstiles with undergruond Mud = + 2000$/Sm
Grasstiles with “forest” (read trees) = + 200$/Sm
Reaveled Rock surfaces= +800/Sm (due to use of explosives)
Water surface = + 4000$/Sm

Sm=Square meter
Note: Its just fictive prices when i dont know what say a taxiway tile is going to cost :slight_smile:

How it will affect the game:
This will add a nice complexity to the construction phase. You will ned to plan carefully to find the cheepest construction paths at first due to the restricted budget. there are so many possible implications in this so i cant write them all down but use your imagination :wink:

what u think?

PS sry for possibly bad english, im probably the only swede who cant spell in eng :stuck_out_tongue:


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PA announcements for safety like at lax they make a announcement saying don’t accept a bag from anyone so aka as bomb safety announcement


Thx :smiley: first time im ever on a forum


A small suggestion: Have a ‘Hide User Interface’ or ‘Cinematic’ button for epic screenshots / flyovers. Looks good on Youtube :slight_smile:


You may find this discussion interesting


I again thought about some suggestions (hope nobody mentioned them before, if so -sorry)

I thought about the destinations that the arriving planes come from. It would be nice if it would match realistic destinations. Planes in Germany e.g. often fly to Spain, France, U.K. It would be cool that if you have a German airport the first planes that arrive at your airport come from these destinations. If the airport grows more destinations could be made available.

I would also enjoy if one could actively ask airlines to fly to your airport instead of just getting offers from the airlines. I know that smaller airports actually approach airlines sometimes in order to tell them how great their airport is.

Another nice add-on would be if it were possible to also (in addition to the fuel trucks) have fuel pipelines in the ground so that every airplane could be refueled without the truck if one invests more in the airport. I know that a lot of big airports have these systems.

Lastly, I must say that I’m not to fond of the design of the airport busses. In my opinion airport shuttle buses look more like this: https://www.airportbus-muenchen.de/fileadmin/user_upload/kurzer_fussweg_2.jpg In the game they more look like American school buses.


I’m almost certain all of these have been discussed previously, I have personally suggested the pipe one potentially in this thread too.

However with regard to the last one the bus shape is probably extremely regional for example: https://www.nycairporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/BANNERnew.jpg and therefore i’m sure other models might be available in the future to suit Europe and if not will definitely be modded in. Folks in America might get annoyed if the bus gets changed to a more European style so there’s no pleasing everybody.


Have not seen evidence of this in game but passangers need to pick up baggage on the carousels, i see the departing baggage system and the behind the scenes security and routing which is awesome, but arrivals and bag pickup didnt see.