Missing taxiway conection

Hey, I’m having this problem when I demolish any stand, all the other ones just start having the “missing taxiway connection to runway for small aircrafts” or something like that. The wierd thing is that before I decide to remove any stand everything works perfectly. I don’t know if I’m doing anithing wrong but I need help.

@eramiro159 Welcome to the Forum!
So do you mind sending photos of your runway connections and stand connections? A visual would really help.
It sounds like a bug, but it Would be nice to check with pictures.

So, this is what it’s happening. I built this with simulation off, but it’s the same when on

Ok so you might want to change one of the runway entrances because both are telling aircraft to enter in one direction so departing aircraft cant depart.

Sry for my drawing skills. This might be the reason. Or else it is a bug.

EDIT: Also, I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with simulation being on or off.

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