Modded Airlines and shopsin default branch?


Good morning successful CEOs,

for you perhaps a stupid questions :slight_smile:

how do i get the modded airlines and shops in my default branch? I activate the mod and i can see the content in the modding screen in the start screen - but there are still the “Old” Airlines and Shops in the game.

Thanks for your help

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There is a button on modding page of main menu, top middle named “Use Default”. Deactivate it.


And make sure to activate the mod. It should have a green checkmark


Thank you guys - i will try later. Do i have to start a new game or can i use my current save?


You can use your current save, but you might have to regenerate contracts.
To do that press F10, then ‘Regenerate contracts’ button


I can‘t Deactivate the Button :frowning:


You should un-check it.


I can‘t uncheck it.
I activate the mod and i deactived it. I refreshed it in aceo and pressed f10 in my current Game… Nothing happened :frowning:


Can you post a screenshot of “Modding” page in game?