Modded Airplanes


Nice work! This bird is just HUGE!! What plane did you use as base, as it fits almost in the nose alone :joy:


A320 is the base moddel, and yes it is huge haha


That is amazing! I started playing with the a380, but there is now way i am even going to go further. This is great work!


You guys are really killing it with these new airplanes.

I’ve been not as active in the past few months. Has there been any update on the progress of the ACEO Modding Application?


I would like to know that indeed. How the progress is going on that matter


Slow I would say. Patrick said himself the other day he’d not touched his computer in over a month. Unless there are others working on it that we don’t know about?


Modded airplane wings

Looks great, but why the extra wings in front of the wings?


it is not possible to remove the base models wings for now. As this is the A320 base model they fall outside the wingbase of the A380.


Ah thanks for the explanation. The rest looks excellent!


Wau guys you are great. Nice looking new airplanes. Can some of them be downloaded and put to the game via ACEOM ? Can somebody like @Beumer or @Rubble send me via PM some tutorial ?
I was thinking I will do some airplanes model too to the game. Have experience with Photoshop and Autodesk Maya.

Thank you in advance, much appreciate it.


These new airplanes won’t be added to ACEOMM because they are just edited default airplanes. You can see A320’s tail wings on A380 model. ACEOMM will wait airplane modding kit (ACEOMK).


For now I am not sharing my content for the reasons that have been given by @EG0611.
If it becomes possible to adjust the aircraft type, the standard issued data (ACEAOMK or some different tool) I will share the content. Sorry :roll_eyes::innocent:
@EG0611 any insight on what the status of ACEOMK is?


EG0611 any insight on what the status of ACEOMK is?

No idea. Mr. @pderuiter is responsible with that


Thank you but same as well. Until they are officially supported or the Mod Manager becomes available.

There’s nothing stopping you though doing what we are doing and drawing/creating artwork and sharing it with the community. As much as I love designing/creating I also love seeing what others are making too. You sound like you know what you are doing.


@jovzin if you need any advise on how to make models just pm me. Maybe i can help. @Rubble works with Photshop but i dont know how that works. But on other programs i can tell (inkscape, GIMP2 and


And she’s finished. Though might not look like it to you (or me as I can see things that require attention). For reasons this will be final stage till I’m ready to start the full mod process for the 78X series @pderuiter hope you are well?

Now that it is finished, I can turn her into a 737-800 series engine along with others and actually apply them as mods to current game builds and liveries. Grunge time, for that I can have fun.


OK guys thank you. I will try something and in case I will have question I will for sure write you a PM @Rubble or @Beumer :slight_smile:


Damn, that’s amazing


After chatting with @Beumer, and at his suggestion, I know they are the wrong engines and the nacelle is quite different, I wanted to see how they looked…