Modded Airplanes


A M A Z I N G! :slight_smile:


This will be the final result of my A380. For now i am done with it. Currently i am going to upgrade the 737max models and the embrear models to the standard of this model. hope you like it.

PS; little bonus experimented with making liveries, so hre is the Qantas new livery A380 :slight_smile:
PPS; @Rubble hope you are sitll going to try the same :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice piece of work! Can’t wait to see them in game! In Hong Kong we had to switch between terminals and we passed six 380’s in the shuttle bus, two we passed under the wings. They are massive!


That. Is. Awesome.



Nice! An Boeing 737 MAX-8 am i right?


Yes. I am making a new model in a new program. Did it already in GIMP but the detail on this one will be higher as Inkscape is a better program for that.


@Fredrik Can you upload the A319 to the MDK please?


Again, taking a page from the @Jettuh play book, small and cryptic, pushing the development I’ve made with the Trent engine, I will parley that into a new build of a couple of planes. So it begins. Sorting sizing out first of all.



Out of curiosity what do the x’s stand for?


I think it is to locate a location on the “flat” drawing versus the grid on a “full” airplane body.


They are markers illustrator make for text anchor points that are called Greeking, while the actual measurements are in outline mode. Work on 5m intervals.

I was also zoomed out to keep you guessing what I was building.

This is what you see as the X’s with resolution resolved when working with them as to what they actually are.

I did Say I was working out the size of the models. I was matching scales between the two models. Easier said than done.


@Rubble E-jet series?


Guys, what do you think? Do you think this community got the sources to do such a project? :roll_eyes:


yes i think we can :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


how to do you add mods as I download from steam but doesn’t seem to appear in the game. HELP please


Do you see them in the ‘Modding’ menu in the start menu and did you enable them there as well?


I go to modding on the main menu and I see couple which I’ve subscribed through from steam on the bottom


That’s good! Have you enabled them as well in the modding menu?


how do I do that.