Modded Airplanes


It probably looks something like this now:

If you click on one of the crosses next to a mod you enable it and it looks like this:

You also have the option to switch the default businesses and airlines on and off in the top of the menu. Please keep in mind that you need at least one on to let the game function.




cheers man got it to work


So while the build of the Trent 1000 took me a few weeks sorting everything out as you know, the first variant built from it (not even a RR engine) has begun and been substantially quicker. There’s about an hour here and it’s falling into place very very quickly. The benefit of layers and masks and the setting up of the original engine with an eye to the future. :grinning: About another hour and it should be 90% completed. A far cry from the time the original took. The time spent planning the first is paying of wonderfully and providing a very solid base to build from.

PPS Yes, the engine is a way lot smaller than the Trent 1000. I scaled that one down to work it for the new model.

PS In case any of you were wondering, and thinking, that looks different from what I remember. Yes I do update the image with the latest version. Save’s me reposting the same thing over and over again. I’ll just update it. Had a little more time spent. The rivets are wrong I know. They will be looked at. I’ve not yet worked from any reference photos. That’s my next step in addition to the pylon connecting the wing to the engine.

PPPS Work Continues. Been busy with other builds.



Not a fan of Southwests livery, but that’s one beauty.


I made it to see if the details look good with a dark livery. Tell me what livery you would like to see on it and I will see what i can do :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh you did the livery just great. Nothing against what you made. I Southwest is not to ME a great livery.


haha thanks i understood. but the question remains haha :wink:



Nice aircraft it will be good to see if they get implemented in a few weeks when the large aircraft come out.

When will bigger planes like Airbus A380s' be featured in the game?

I don’t think large aircraft will be out in a few weeks. The updates to the sub systems to enable the large aircraft have not even been released to EXP yet, longs for.

Then there’s the new code to add for the larger planes not to mention everything else that would go along with them. New stands etc. But yeah, she does look good.


Yeh I agree but the foundations are being implemented and they have a dedicated aircraft designer so I would expect it to come out in the not so distant future.