Modding with aceomm


I love doing airline modding, but lately I had problems doing a modding with the E-jets in the ACEOMM tool I would like to know how to solve?


Hiya what issues have you had? I could be very well wrong but I don’t know if ACEOMM supports the E series? @Guusje2 or @EG0611 could help on that one?

Native modding should be no issues as far as I’m aware.


I did livery with the correct procedure, although I entered the airport CEO without airline contracts


I’m not sure I understand. Are you doing native mods or trying to use the MM to generate them for you?


I was not creating mods by aceomm because of ease. In that I would have a company with only the e-jets though at the end I noticed that at the airport CEO I did not receive contracts from my mod


Can you paste the JSON files?


I can not


The ACEOMM program made by @pderuiter isn’t being maintained anymore, so i don’t think it supports the embrears.


I think that must be it. would have a way to do the mods without being by aceomm?


Yeah, you can follow the explanation on the page


@Player560 @Rubble ACEOMM program doesn’t support any new airplanes after 757. Since @pderuiter disappeared, there will never be support for new airplanes :frowning:


thanks guys for helping me