More control over road usage


Feature request title
More control over road usage
a.k.a. one way roads, but better

I want to be able to put down more different road configurations.

  • Oneway roads: To control the direction of travel and prevent U-turns
  • Multilane roads: To allow more traffic at the same time
  • Traffic specific roads: To split my construction traffic from buses and cars (and cargo trucks?)

A service road i.e. would be nothing more than a traffic specific road.

So instead of pure roads, you place down lanes by dragging.

  • The direction of the road is the direction you are dragging.

  • Dragging wider means you build more lanes.

  • When the road tool is selected, you see small arrows to indicate the direction.

  • You see small signs on the road as well

  • This allows our British audience to be happy too, since you can now easily make left handed roads

  • The existing build menu item for a ‘simple’ 2 lane road could remain

  • This same way of working could be used for i.e. taxiways

Ground control system predefined routes to/from gates
One way directions for road and taxiways

this is really missing, traffic, as it is now, is often weird…


Yeah, the way traffic is, it’s weird. I wish we can separate the traffic between trucks, buses and cars along with creating specific drop off and pick up zones at the terminal(s) like in real life.

For example: pick up passengers for specific airlines enter over here, pick up passengers for this airline over there…same thing for drop off.

Placement of signs and traffic signals to move traffic.


Already used all of my votes, else I would vote for you too. :slight_smile:

Waiting for better traffic influence too.


definitely +1 for this. This is basically what I’m after. Two lanes in each direction with a ‘ring road’ for each pier, and a ‘slip road’ for each stand/turning direction. as it is now, traffic drives randomly across all the lanes, and inevitably gets confused and stuck, jamming up the whole airport.

I’ve come back to this game recently after rage quitting because of this, and am surprised it hasn’t been sorted yet, It’s the only glaring issue I’ve got with the game so far! I’ll inevitably be back when it’s fixed!


It’s definitely missing, it seems like the taxiway mechanism could be adapted to roads to easily implement it.


On Discord, Developers said that they have an idea of removing attached road from stands. If that, and one way roads, happen, then game vehicle dynamics would become better.


This would be great, I have had some weird behaviour on the service roads which something like this would resolve.