More detailed financial balance

More detailed financial balance

Something I’m desperately missing in the financial balance overview in this game, is an overview of income (and possibly expenses) based on airplane size, including General Aviation.


The way I would implement this feature, would be to add two buttons to the budget overview panel, similar to the existing ‘Hourly’ and ‘Daily’ buttons. These buttons would say something like ‘Plane type’ and ‘Income type’, allowing you to switch between the financials as they currently are, and something like this:

  • Income
    • General Aviation
      • Aircraft:$$ $$ $$
      • Passengers $$ $$ $$
    • Small Aircrafts
      • Aircraft $$ $$ $$

etc., etc…
This extra layer could also be added into the budget overview panel by default, but in my opinion that would make the panel harder to understand, and removes information like the total income / expenses of a certain type.

Why it should be implemented:

What prompted me to write this feature request, is that I’m currently tempted to remove General Aviation from my airport. However, without actually closing my airport to GA, I haven’t got a way to find out how much money I’m actually making from it. I’m assuming it’s a negligibly low amount, but I’d like to be sure before I make changes.
Basically, access to more information is always better. The hard thing is to keep a lot of information organised in a way that everybody can understand it.

Welcome to the community! I definitely agree with you. Hopefully, this will be implemented during Beta.