More security for arriving flights

Here’s and Idea

Does anyone think that we need more security for incoming arrival flights. Maybe we can implement a new security vehicle (Van) with the help of police officers, to go to a random flight and check for any illegal imports.
This could also work once we get cargo as we need to check it because, currently there is no way to stop illegal Items from heading out of the airport. This could be a new concept into our airports with a special facility for the illegal items that a truck comes to pick up once your facility is full.
This could also branch off to other forms of security though.

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I don’t think arrival flights would have more security options. IRL there are no security checks for domestic arrivals but there are passport and customs controls for interntional arrivals. Maybe such a thing can be added with internatipnal/domestic flights development.

most of the time there are vans that pull up to airplanes as they are unloading baggage and X-ray scan the bags. this I believe mostly happens on international flights only (maybe the big birds only)?

International arrivals usually have quarantine check (just a small station with signs about temperature check) and occasionally there are checks against specific threads, in Taiwan for example flights from many countries have hand baggage checks for meat. But I think it might be bit too much to add those non usual things to ACEO.

The devs go confirmed cargo is not coming to game