Multi Livery Support

A lot of airlines at times have special liveries to commemorate special events or people/places or just variations of their standard liveries.

While this can be undertaken by using separate contracts with the special liveries it would be much more easier to one contract and that spawn at random different liveries from a selection within the livery files.

Yep. :+1:

Also I would like to make a way to mark a livery as “special” or “regular”. Special livery will spawn once. Regular will spawn with all aircrafts.


Oh yeah and it would make modders life so much easier! Just run in my lates mod (Arkia) on that topic too where each A321 and (ACEO-Future?) E195 have different Liveries… So needed to setup 3 contracts…

Also it is not fun modding some Real Airlines like Arkia where all planes are different (NOK Air for example)

And we can avoid also some circumstances that happen when users subscribe to many mods or big mods!

I guess in a second step would be great that there is a definition inside each liverydata.json how often a livery appears


Yesss please

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Just add your vote Nace. :slight_smile:

I love it, it gets a vote from me!

An other idea i had this days was, that we modders can set fleetsize of a airline in the json and connect that field to liveries
For example:
Airline has 10 A320 and 2 of them with special livery. So the contract will give you max of available fligths of 10 fligths per a time (per day?) if all 10 planes land at the same time on your airport, 2 of them will have the special livery

In my eyes with this option we can mod more real and users can have more contracts and more deversity on their airport per day


I’ve also suggested this as well :slight_smile:

I actually had such an idea back in time. On json files if # of fleet was set to 10, flight planner wouldn’t offer 11th flights for a day. If new game day starts but that day already have 10 repetitive flights from previous day, then 11th flight wouldn’t be offered as well.

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It seems it is not comming on Alpha 36