Multiple features for Airport CEO

Feature request title:

Multiple features for Airport CEO (now that it is still possible)


_I made a list with stuff that I’d love to see getting implemented. What do you think of them? Especially the first 12 are important to me. Here they come:

  1. An air train, that commutes between air train stations that you can build. You could make passengers take an air train to reach certain gates, terminals or parking lots. It would be handy to make it automatically (so that there is no employee driving the air train). This is my number one feature :slight_smile: !

  2. The gate number to be (somewhere small) displayed above the stand without having to click

  3. Being able to send flights away with a button in the menu that you see when you press the shortcut “G”. It would make the game a lot easier

  4. Transparent jet bridges so that you can see the passengers boarding and de-boarding. Would be beautiful

  5. Maybe security cameras and a guarded security control room

  6. A walk through elevator, so that it is not only accessible via 1 way. It would make the construction wayyy easier

  7. Smaller flight information screens. The ones currently existing are way too big

  8. Airport hotel

  9. ATM (1X1)

  10. A small kitchen for in the staff room. Example 1X3 (sink, counter, refrigerator)

  11. Foreign money exchange machine (1X1). The profit could be cashed by the airport.

  12. Waiting line for the self check-in desks

  13. Drug sniffing dogs and dog kennels

  14. Talking about sterile. It would be cool to get an error message if your walls or fences (perimeters) have a hole in the security zone with the non-security zone.

  15. First aid desk with a first aid kit or the information desk having a first aid kit.

  16. Revolving door

  17. A big airplane or big world globe colored statue that you can place on a sidewalk outside the terminal. It would function as decoration.

  18. A tv-screen furniture for in the staff rooms. That would be a nice thing for them to do while having a break.

  19. Car rental station

  20. Ticket machine for metro

  21. A first aid kit on the 2 information desks.

  22. Showers for in the restroom room (1X2).

  23. Being able to place a fountain inside a lake. That would make the airport look more natural

  24. Helicopter pads

  25. Artificial grass (new floor)

  26. Tall palm trees for outside without sidewalk or planter.

  27. Big (digital) commercial (or news) bill bords for outside.

  28. Cactus (new plant) (1X1).

  29. Seeing the elevator moving (in motion)

  30. Luxury private jets in general aviation._

Why it should be implemented:

These things would make the game even more realistic and easy/fun to play

DIY solution using floor tiles:

Nice ideas, unfortunately, not all can be implemented.

Passengers spawn/despawn at the jetway entrance, so that would have to be changed.

Since the elevator is not simulated (people teleport using it), that probably won’t be implemented.

Private jets were showcased in the latest devblog, they will be added eventually.

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Haha! Very creative! But hopefully the developers will make it easier eventually

This would be great in adding realism, would definitely gain attention, hopefully this gets approved.

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hahaha, cool! that’s very creative! but it doesn’t look very professional to my opinion.