Multiple Liveries for the Same Aircraft

Currently, I have 3 liveries for the E170 and CRJ700 for the same airline and only one of each keeps showing up at my airport. How do I fix this?


@Rubble @EG0611 :wink:

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It’s currently broken I’m afraid and needs a @Fredrik to fix it :frowning:


ah man. Well, thanks. At least I will have a lot more content to add to the mod when it’s fixed!


is there any further update to this. I’d love to see different livery versions for my carriers show up in game.


Hmmm, I’d like to say I have news, but I don’t. Variations are great I know and reconciled to my workaround still. You should really ask Fredrik to take a look again to get this working.


I really hope this is fixed soon. I am making new liveries for the same airline as well and can’t wait to see them all at the same airport.

Just to clarify as this will be the first time that I have had made my on mods (I have it working and they are loading into the game), All I have to do is add multiple folders for each livery of the same aircraft, correct? So for example

A321_3… folders


and inside the folders I do the same for each one as if it was the only livery for that aircraft, correct? so…


inside each folder for each livery.

I just want to make sure I am doing it correctly and that the game is broken right now, because the other liveries are not loading in just like the person who made this post. Only the first livery in folder “A321_1” is loading in.

Any word or update on when this might be fixed?


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OH… and does anyone know how many liveries one can have for one aircraft for an airline? how many numbers can you go up to?

A321_999 ?? lol

and here is my livery for the Jetblue A321 BTW with the Prism tail and registration number N903JB. I pan on duplicating it with each number in the fleet which is 63 A321s with the same tail.


And the actual JetBlue Aircraft:

I also hope to see multiple liveries in game. I hope developers will find time to fix this :blush:

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That looks correct yes. I had/have 16 set up for Qantas the same way, but alas they also still don’t work. I’m not sure what the upper limit is.

For now, it’s the first folder livery that is chosen and rendered into the game. I too would love this fixed.

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oh i have many mods with multiple livery too and hoping it will be fixed soon!

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On a similar but slightly different note, could it be possible for the game to ‘randomize’ aircraft registration numbers for the aircraft? The ‘simple’ randomization of having a pre-defined prefix would cover most basic cases (Most airlines have their aircraft registered in the same country) and would achieve a nice variety without too much hassle.

I’m pretty sure the color and fonts of registration numbers are standardized so this probably wouldn’t pose an issue either.

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most modders don’t integrate registration numbers on the plane (i do on some) and sometime the registration is under the wings or on other position you can’t see in ACEO… and yes, it is not standardized or only in some Countries…

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@Fredrik do we have any news about Multiple Liveries? that would be for me a game changing thing when the feature get’s back!


yes I would love to know any update on this as well. Would really love to see all my liveries for my aircraft changing out in the game! I haven’t seen this feature work yet so it would be extra amazing to have it working again! Thanks for all that you do hope this gets fixed soon!!! Cheers!!

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Hello, as ACEOMM we would also like to know if this bug will be fixed or not in close future.

Cheers :slight_smile:


The entire modding community wants multiple liveries back!


@Olof @Alexander @Fredrik

Please Please Please just give us peace of mind and let us know if this is even on your guys radar to fix in the future and if so (and if you know) when you are planning to. Even if the answer is, it is not planned at the moment or if the answer is its not going be be fixed. In the nicest possible way I ask. Please please please just a little something to give us piece of mind. Thank you so much!

Hope all is going smoothly with the testing!


I second this notion. Multiple liveries is (in my opinion) essential to the gameplay because after i spend hours perfecting my airport in preparation for operations, i enjoy seeing airlines with multiple colorful liveries populating my airport. It gives me something to look at. This is something that has been missing for quite a while and it would be nice to at least know the status of it being returned to a working condition.


I’m no coder but it seems to be a simple fix. Just when you get the airline that has multiple liverys the game looks at the livery files and if there are 2 or more livery files a randimiser is activated. The randomizer would randomize which livery is chosen on the selected aircraft and then boom, the same aircraft on the same contract has multiple liverys.