Music when playing ACEO

Hey all CEO’s and others. I just wanted to ask for fun.
Do you mostly listen to the in game music when playing. Or do you have something specific that fits really well? I think most of us mix between in game and own music.

I have a list of the following songs that i listen too while i play sometimes.

  1. Balearic Bill - destination sunshine (Tiesto Power Mix) [1999]
    Airport announcement at 3:17 :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Toto - Africa (Jesse Bloch Bootleg)
  3. Nico Parisi vs. Erik Hubo - Metro (original mix)
  4. Bart Claessen - When Morning Comes
  5. Orjan Nilsen - The Late Anthem (Way Too Late Mix)

Please share your top 5 :smiley:


The right song for the construction stage, is “I want it all” from Queen! :smiley::stuck_out_tongue:

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Me? Well…

  1. In-Game music
  2. 24/7 Jazz stream from YouTube

Yes, i mostly listened only to those two, and add in Panzerlied to the mix sometimes.

Yes i know, my music tastes is horrible


Radio 538, the trending Spotify Playlist, or the in-game music.

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Take tracks with a decent playtime ;), it will keep you busy.

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Even though the game has its own music, it gets a bit repetitive, so I think this is still valid. I love to listen to the Hypnospace: Outlaw Freezr tracks, specifically This one.`

I only have about 13 hours in game so far. In game music is starting to get kind of old. Maybe the devs should look into creating an in game music selection service like the one in Cities: Skylines? What y’all think?