Music when playing ACEO

Hey all CEO’s and others. I just wanted to ask for fun.
Do you mostly listen to the in game music when playing. Or do you have something specific that fits really well? I think most of us mix between in game and own music.

I have a list of the following songs that i listen too while i play sometimes.

  1. Balearic Bill - destination sunshine (Tiesto Power Mix) [1999]
    Airport announcement at 3:17 :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Toto - Africa (Jesse Bloch Bootleg)
  3. Nico Parisi vs. Erik Hubo - Metro (original mix)
  4. Bart Claessen - When Morning Comes
  5. Orjan Nilsen - The Late Anthem (Way Too Late Mix)

Please share your top 5 :smiley:


The right song for the construction stage, is “I want it all” from Queen! :smiley::stuck_out_tongue:

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Me? Well…

  1. In-Game music
  2. 24/7 Jazz stream from YouTube

Yes, i mostly listened only to those two, and add in Panzerlied to the mix sometimes.

Yes i know, my music tastes is horrible


Radio 538, the trending Spotify Playlist, or the in-game music.

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Take tracks with a decent playtime ;), it will keep you busy.

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Even though the game has its own music, it gets a bit repetitive, so I think this is still valid. I love to listen to the Hypnospace: Outlaw Freezr tracks, specifically This one.`