My beta list

Hi everyone and special congratulations to the devs that this wonderful game made it to the beta stage! Many games never make it this far but the success of ACEO is not surprising, given your exceptional dedication and what a great game you have created so far already.

However, we all know that there are still quite a lot of things to polish and improve during beta. Here is my humble opinion of things I would like to see being changed:

I’m very glad that the devs have already mentioned, that bigger maps are planned. One thing that has been mentioned many times before and that I find essential for a good looking and more realistic airport is longer runways if map size allows. I propose the following sizes:

  • small 100 X 5
  • medium 150 x 5
  • large 200 x 7

Respective aircraft sizes should use about 65-70% of runway length for takeoff and landing roll. That equals rougly the dispatch requirements IRL. I don’t like it at all that medium and large aircraft use almost the entire runway lenght to decelerate.

Along with this change, not to waste any game time by aircraft spending more time on runways, a new “line up and wait” logic should be implemented. Aircraft awaiting takeoff at the holding point should be allowed to line up and wait on the runway as soon as the area is cleared by the preceeding aircraft like IRL. This would also allow for holding points to be set back further from the runway. The current layout is very unrealistic and sometimes even causes landing aircraft’s wings to touch aircraft waiting at the holding point.

In general I would like to see a further reduction of game time. Right now one game minute equals approx. 2 sec IRL. A reduction to 3 sec might seem like a lot to you devs but I think this would benefit all aspects of the game. Turnaround times could be reduced by one hour for all aircraft kinds and more flights per day could be handeled. A slight increase of approach speed, taxi speed and vehicle speed by 10-20% would benefit this too. Also an optimization in the logic of catering trucks would help to make turnarounds quicker. Catering trucks could pick up the load earlier than now and should start working right after deboarding is completed.

Also as mentioned many times before, aircraft stands should come without service roads and sizes should be changed to:

  • medium 9x9
  • large 15x15

both WITHOUT service roads. I imagine it might be difficult to figure a solution for things like for example jetways to work properly in such an environment but I’m sure you guys are well capable to solve this.
Also as I have mentioned before, there should be a new kind of medium stand, that allows for self maneuvering and doesn’t require a push back. In principle these stands work like current small stands and are used on many airports around the world.

I would wish for airline contracts to work the same way as franchise contracts. Right now, the airlines don’t have any requirements. Those could be things like a certain number of stands with jetway, a certain number of franchises, a certain terminal size, a dedicated lounge, etc. Just like in the franchise contract window, those requirements could be shown and the contract could only be signed when all of the requirements are fulfilled.

Inside the terminal I would like to be able to make rooms in shapes other than rectangular. This could work in a way like in for example Prison Architect, where any adjacent rooms of the same kind are automatically combined to one. Along with that I would wish for a better distribution of passengers among franchises. Right now there is usually only one shop or restaurant that is frequented by almost all passengers and all other franchises are never visited.
It should be possible to build stairs and escalators on top of each other.
The capacity of the large security checkpoint right now is almost same to the medium one and one of the two metal detectors is unused. Instead of having two metal detectors, it should have two x-ray machines for hand baggage and thus increase the capacity.
If possible I would like to see a better distribution between manned and automated check-ins. Right now it seems like either category is chosen, no matter how many desks are needed. A mix of both would be most realistic.
Last but not least it would be cool to have a mirrored small boarding desk and the option to mirror the sides of entry and exit to the jetways to better direct the flow of passengers.

Thanks to everyone who took their time to read through all of the above and I hope many of you agree with me and we can make this great game even better.



Airlines do require a specific airport rating since the newest alpha. And that depends on the infrastructure you offer.

Larger maps, but having the option of “buildable area” other than runways and taxiways. Seems like much less processing power, but trends toward accuracy of the game.

I use Denver international airport because it’s a monstrosity of build from scratch in the relatively recent times. Huge areas for taxiing and runways. The terminal is fraction of the size of the “map”. Sorry, I don’t mouse write so well.


Yes, I also think having a terminal building area and then a much larger plane taxiway/runway area would be good too.


True but you get offers from 3-star airlines right away and once you have a basic terminal and a medium stand you can sign 5-star contracts. I would wish for a wider set of requirements for high-tier airlines.

Agreed, everything on the map feels really cluttered at the moment. If you try and introduce reasonable taxiway separation then you run out of space very quickly - I find myself building a lot of structures underground to save space.


Agreed, everything on the map feels really cluttered at the moment. If you try and introduce reasonable taxiway separation then you run out of space very quickly - I find myself building a lot of structures underground to save space.



I’d like to expand on this a little, as in the trailer for the game, you could see small stands looking somewhat like medium and large ones today. Maybe we could get to see those, and maybe a tiny pushback truck for small aircraft.
I’d say +1 for me

This is a pretty good idea! Nice one!