My big airport. Correct upload


Hello, I have a big airport, i thought i would share, now i have fixed the pics also.

Stats is Currently
10 Gates - All gates have their own vehicles assigned except for fuel truck and 1 Luggage cart. (2 per stand) But one is not assigned to any stand.

Mid Terminal entry for passenger so it is equally far to all gates.
Baggage hub that handels 5 gates each.

Long term plans is -
Have both sides looking equal, thus making it 2 terminals later.
The big empty place between on the inside the terminals can fit about 8 more gates or other stuff ofc.
North of the terminals i’ll put some remote stand as back-up stands.
Also have prepared for de-icing.

I hope this play thru doesn’t break with multi floor coming soon.
And i’ll just see how many gates i can have operational before it starts to lag, then i’ll upgrade my computer.

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Cool airport! :wink:

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I really like your Tarmac! Very neat concept to put the GSE parkinglots between two taxiways.

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Thanks, i would like some more space between stuff. But, optimizing everything hehe.

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