My fantastic youtube channel ;) New showcase video out


Please check out my let’s pay series of you want. Playlist is here done sofar 22 episodes and more is coming. Still haven’t enabled baggage (: But managed to fail quite bad nonetheless xD

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I have youtube channel too but last 3 gaming vids no one wached…
And good luck to your youtube channel.:upside_down_face:

Was a long time ago, that I tried Extreme mode. Very nice video’s, lets see how it currently goes.

This is day 3, year 1; 5 public stands build by the start amount, and then terminal / 4 commercial stands with first loan; 3 star loan just was offered; 1.300.000.

First Medium gate added.

Medium loan added 720k; extended to 3 medium stands

First time I refinanced my 3 star loan; lets add Fuel Services to gain acces to 2 star flights.

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Running day 3, year 4.

Refinanced a lot of times; now on my last 2 star loan and crossed the break even line. So I am getting into the green.

Invested a lot in optimizing my airport, and brought down the auto-planner to 60 min. I could have done the loans faster, but i like to build, not watch and see it run amok.

For now I can run it without delays.

And I am loan free :slight_smile: - Day 5, year 4.

New video out finally, but it’s a different type of video check it out:

Very nice setup in that video; build service-roads in 1 go next time :wink:

Why have the slot distance timer on 15min with this much stands? You create a bottleneck on your runways, taxi-lanes and a strain on your staff call timers. Set it on 120 min and have a smoother experience with decent turnaround “room” in your schedule.

Yeah the service road where build in one go first :wink: but had to redo them.

I don’t remember if the audio is there for the auto scheduler is there first but I have never used it before so set it wrong later changed to 45min.

Yup concept is nice. Will probably redo the video but on a smaller and different scale! :slight_smile:

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Watching episode 10 currently and I like what I see.
I just have one question since EP9: Why did you build stands and have them closed all the time? With GA accepted there you could speed things up a bit without the need of expansion. Otherwise, your lower 5 small stands do nothing but generate costs. You are doing well with the 5 CA stands, but why not use all potential?

Just wondering.


This is ages since I recorded it. But I think it’s for several reasons. One being to keep the runway a little less busy to not have delays, another being the irritation of having to time it to disable GA when you only want to do commercial. And a third being to make sure to don’t open everything at one board and then having issues due to understaffed and similar.

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Thank you. Now I understand this a bit better.