My first airport remake! (LEAL)

Hello!(sorry for the bad quality photos) I have created an airport called LEAL (Alicante airport) and i wanted to show it with all the community! (Please consider that is my 1st real airport remake so maybe he is ugly) here some images:

That is the terminal 2

And that is the terminal 1.

That is the GA ramp

And the check in zone.
All the empty you can decorate how you want, with your tastes.
If anyone have an idea, dont hesitate to contact me! Have a nice day! (The airport is aviable at Steam his mame is LEAL)


What cave are you out of? The “PrtSc” key takes a screenshot, after which it can be copied into a graphic editor, then saved and added to the message. ))


Yes, but im in phone so i can’t do that

Hmm… I dont have PrtSc key in my keyboard…

Take a photo of the top right side of your keyboard.

Ok, Shaquille.

Im making new photos…

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LOL, these photos seem to be taken in the prehistory of computing or are photos of a secret agent extracting confidential information with microfilm hahaha :laughing: :crazy_face: :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

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Ok, that’s enough of photo ridiculing

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Yes hahaha im not a good fotographer :laughing:

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Ok, thanks!