My first try (don't kill me)

Hi guys

I’m trying to create my first own mod and I’ve found an airline which does not exist yet in the workshop. :slight_smile:
Let me know what you think?

I’m still playing a bit with the tail, this needs some improvement before I will push it on to the workshop.


great start!! my suggestion is to add some shading to the flat white fuselage to match the engines

what image editing software are you using?

Plane body is too white.
Text is in my opinoin a bit too “normal”, would expect it to be more stretched.
I like the tail

Thanks guys.

Yeah, currently it’s the default body. I will take a look at some other mods how it is there.

With the stretching I know, but as I have seen on many other mods so far, there is also no stretching at all.
I do have an old Photoshop CS3. Haven’t really used it for years, so I need to get in to it again. :slight_smile:

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Looks very good for first try! Keep going! :slight_smile:
Tail needs maybe a bit more work…

Text should be a bit stretched down and better use PSDs in PS so shadows (gradients) appear on plane otherwise looks great :ok_hand:t4:

The reason you’re missing a lot of the shading is that it’s apart of the later PS series features. Do a comparison with the PNG and you’ll notice a few things different.

Keep going at it. Staring to get there and looking good.

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It looks great so far, keep going it will look great when it is on the workshop.
I think that you could enlarge the logo across the plane, a bit like the BA (flick) if that is the right word, maybe on the wings it could be white and around the engines one of the primary colours of the airline?

good to know, thanks. I will check that out.


A very good start, impressive! Looks great.

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Now the shadows are back… using the png now.

Next: Tail, winglet color adjustments and a little bit of stretching in the name.

I should have done the BAE146… that one would be just plain white :smiley:


I’ll be seeing it around in my airports!

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Dang, @no-fun, that’s nicely done!

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@no-fun The BAe146 will be withdrawn from use by German Airways :wink:

You can try the Dash-8 though but i don’t know if these will get the German Wings livary :wink:

I know. The Dash’s are from LGW and those will be replaced by E190 too within the next years. First they are replacing the BAE’s from WDL Aviation.

The existing Dash’s are using the Eurowings livery as far as I know. I think they would better fit in a Eurowings mod as nobody cares if they are operated by LGW.

May some have noticed it, the new airline is in the Workshop.
Thanks for the inputs.