My first week at Apoapsis Studios!


Hello all Airport CEO’s out there!
My name is Alexander and as some of you might already know I started working with Olof and Fredrik at Apoapsis Studios on Monday this week. I wanted to take the opportunity to shortly present myself and tell you about how I ended up as a game developer of Airport CEO.

I have a masters degree in engineering and I’ve always been interested in technology. Everything from computers, airplanes, space-exploration to biotech and medicine get my attention. Ever since my dad brought a Windows 95-machine to our home, I’ve been interested in not just playing around in games, but also explore how the software worked. It always gave me some level of satisfaction opening an .ini-file located in a game’s folder and see that those lines actually made sense! Altering a parameter in said file altered the conditions of the game. Editing a .png-file in another folder changed the appearance. Experiences like this quickly developed into an interest for programming and game developing and I’ve through my years nourished the idea of someday releasing a title.

I got to know Olof and Fredrik a couple of years back through University. They told me they were working on a computer game and as I’ve been working on my own projects during my spare time, I immediately started pestered them with questions. On top of that, they are some of the most devoted and nicest people I’ve ever met! So when the application for the game developer-position was posted, we met for a long interview and it was pretty clear I would thrive and fit at Apoapsis. It seems like they thought the same.

A week has now (quickly) passed and I don’t regret my decision boarding Apoapsis Studios one bit. A lot to digest now in the beginning, but so fulfilling working with something I love! Also, what has been most evident is the devotion from the Airport CEO-community! Without you the game wouldn’t be as good and promising as it is! I will (and I know Olof and Fredrik also will) work my actual ass off making Airport CEO one of the best management-games ever created!


Welcome! Glad to have you join the ACEO Team :smiley:


Welcome to the team! That’s a really nice backstory and it’s great to see the team growing


Welcome Alexander! good luck and may the methods be with you


Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome :smiley:








Welcome, glad to see your are settling well, looking forward to seeing the developmentments that come!


Välkommen! I hope you will have a good time at Apoapsis Studios and at developing ACEO (amongst others in the future)!


Welcome! :smile:


Hey there :smile: