My version of Manchester Airport

My new airport for Manchester (still a work in progress), currently 6 large stands at the main terminal in the centre of the map and 8 medium at a satellite closer to the entrance road. I intend to build more stands further to the right (once the last square is unlocked).
Also have a separate GA section (15 stands) at the top of the map with it’s own runway and taxiways.

I actually built the satellite first so it originally had both secure and non-secure (for check-in and ground transport) areas. Moving check-in and ground transport to the newly built main terminal without trapping people inside or outside the secure area was quite complex and time-consuming but since I’d done it on previous airports I knew how to do it without mistakes.

Layout of main terminal:
Level 2: Check-in
Level 1: Main shopping/food area, security and boarding for main terminal gates
Level 0: Arrivals/ secure exits, baggage claim
Level -1: Subway, bus stops, baggage bays, baggage belts, passageway to satellite.
Level -2: Parking, extra level for baggage belts and roads etc (for avoidance)

Layout of satellite:
Level 1: Boarding
Level 0: Mostly empty
Level -1: Baggage Bays for satellite gates, Admin centre, Executive area, baggage belts, passageway to main terminal.
Level -2: Extra level for baggage belts and roads etc (for avoidance).

I want to move the Admin centre and executive area to either level 1 or level 2 in the main terminal but it will depend on space.

Service vehicle parking and fuel depots are located on Level -1 between the main terminal and the satellite.
Baggage belts and roads use both Level -1 and -2 across the entire airport. Service roads only reach the surface next to the terminal and the satellite.

Enough talk, first picture (more will follow at a later date):

A gathering of some very big birds during the early morning (still the middle of the night really)


Wow, that’s a lot of A380s!

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Have you worked out what airport you’re at yet? I hope so, at this point you’ve either gone past security or got off the plane at the satellite terminal.


We recently redeveloped Level 1 of the main terminal, providing more retail space in the secure zone also added more and better seating at the gates:

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The next phase of Terminal redevelopment:

Over 1600 new seats waiting to be built on Level 2 (Check-in level) for people to wait prior to check-in opening

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Another meeting of some very big birds (Not quite as impressive as the last one though):

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