Need help for design

Sup guys, im here again. And with a new problem (I think) so basically, I wonder how can you make shops / bathrooms INSIDE of a secure zone area? Here is a pic as an example, can anyone help me? Thanks! (Also I ask this so the passengers who went thru the security desk can go to shops or bathrooms!)

Also the pathway thingy in the picture (Picture as an EXAMPLE) so lets say the secure zone is the white paths and stuff, and I want shops next to it and people can buy in them!

There is no difference in between placing bathroom, shops and restaurants in secure zone and placing them in non-secure zone.


Only difference:
make the (Shop-/Food-)zone first and then build walls and hedges inside of it. Because you can’t zone over walls and hedges bacause they are marked as unsecure zone and you can’t build a room over different zones.
Same with bathrooms. First zone, than walls. :slight_smile:

Also a little tip, be careful with adding lots of walls and hedges in a shop/bathroom/food as it reduces how much floorspace for the contract (not sure this may have been changed since I last experienced this issue)