Never enough parking lots?


I have 3 small stands and 1 (hard to make it work) medium stand. So basically very few amount of people. And I have 16 100% full parking lots. Half of my income comes from parking lot fees. Doesn`t seem right to me.

Welcome to the forum. I have also experienced this a few times, it appears parking lots dispatch cars whenever they like. I’m sure this will be adjusted during the Beta phase.

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Balancing these systems for every airport is a challenge for sure. Bug report it and let me know the number and I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:

I also have this problem, I once counted well over a hundred cars in my staff only parking lots and I only had 82 staff members.

Number is -40066

not surprise

parking fee is one of the main source of airport income in USA, which sometimes more than terminal charge/ landing charge

Due to performance reasons and simulation complexity we will not be able to render a 1:1 car ratio between employees and staff parking, you can definitely expect some inconsistent numbers here if you decide to count the difference.