[NEW Concourse A/B Pictures!] -- Albuquerque International | Sunport (ABQ) -- Gates-22 med + 6 sm + GA & Charter

here is my zoning for it the boarding ramp stairs:

Im also re-designing the C and E Gates because the boarding desks are too far away from the stands and the plane leaves before the passengers can walk from the boarding desks to the plane. But the plane will wait if the PSAgent doesn’t show up in time… kinda annoying, but I reported that as a bug. hopefully they fix it. I hope this works because I don’t want to move the stands over closer because then the one closer will be under the 2nd story part… I don’t want that.


Wow, this is really beautiful! well done sir!


The Observation Deck is now open for business (soft opening of course) as the airport hasn’t officially opened yet. Even a few family and friends of the employees came to shop and dine. :slight_smile: :shallow_pan_of_food: :books:

And more shops added in Concourse A, along with window installation, flooring, holdroom seating and plants, etc…


Very nice built! And indeed respect for the time and effort! I would just wait for the walkways to be introduced than the PAX and service staff should be able to make it on time to the gates.

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Absolutely crazy build. A true gem! I think it’ll definitely operate a lot better running Alpha 33 and we’ve also got a few loading performance optimizations planned that might increase load time relating to spawning terminal foundation, walls and other tillable objects… stuff that you have a lot of in this build… :stuck_out_tongue:


simply awsome build :open_mouth:

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I think my next project will be in a similar vein :wink:

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Actually, after I started putting in shops and bathrooms etc… and slowed down the speed to one for much longer periods of time, and moved the passenger to aircraft ratio down to 70% and time between flights 2 hours, everything started to operate correctly, well other than the commuter C/E gates. Passengers started to show up to the gates with lots of spare time, even to shop, use the restroom and relax in the leather holding room chairs. And the aircraft started leaving on time too, actually even early! Staff started showing up early, well obviously if the passengers and aircraft were leaving on time, then the staff were there on time lol. I then moved the ratio back up to 100 and kept time between flights at 2 hours. its still working amazingly at speed one. I love it. Im so happy. its so much fun to watch everyone show up and shop, eat and leave on time!!!

haha, but yeah it does still take like 30 mins to load. that im fine with, it still runs smoothly when its finally loaded. not as fast as a small/medium airport, but nothing to complain about thats for sure!. The only thing that is annoying is when build walls then deleting them, it takes away the secure zone, and then when placing the secure zone back, I get the spinning ball of death, sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes for a few minutes before I can continue.

Ill show some screen shots of the airport in action with the flight monitor all green! :smiley: Just give me an hour or 2 to load the Airport. hahaha


Operations are running smoothly! All pretty much green! :+1: @Olof :slight_smile: you’re airport game is awesome!

Lots of happy passengers calmly waiting for their flight :smiley:


oh yeah? what airport you got in mind?

A fictional one for Phoenix, a bit smaller.

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can’t wait to see what you create!

Here is my next area of focus today: Pre-Security Shop & Food Franchises, Bathrooms, Administration offices…

:joy: Every time I load this airport now, I forget that I have loaded it because I go and work on something else while I wait for it to load. I have to turn up the volume on my computer so that I hear the game music start playing when it finally loads. But it cracks me up every time I hear the music. Im like… “oh yeah! I wanted to play ACEO!” …30-40 mins later! hahah :joy:


Fantastic work all around!!!

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@twocflyer How did you build above the roads? Somehow it’s not possible for me. :cry:

If you build the foundation first (so delete the road, make an alternate route if needed) - this should help make it work if its not working for you…

  • Pause the game so contractors don’t start building
  • Then put 4 corner squares foundation on ground floor (the area you want 2nd story to fill)
  • Then build 2nd floor foundation that connects to the 4 corner ground foundation squares
  • Then delete the 4 corner foundation on the ground (now you will have a rectangle foundation on 2nd floor/no first floor)
  • Then delete any foundation (2nd floor) you don’t want to the shape of the foundation you want…
  • Then add roads and/or foundation under the 2nd story foundation

Thanks, I wil try that. :+1:

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