New employee screen improvement


the new employee screen has the drawback that new employees will show up anywhere in the list. So, if you want to hire someone and are about to click on ‘hire’, there might be a chance that just in this moment another possible employee will get on that position. That might result in hiring the wrong person.

I want to suggest that the person under the cursor will not move if the list is updated.

Also, if any of the management windows is opened while the build taskbar is also open, the build task bar might overlap the management screen.
For example, do the following:

  • click on any build category (do not choose an item to build)
  • open a management window by the icons on the right side
    => the build category is still open and overlaps. This can be best seen on the employee management screen, it’s not possible to use the arrows on the bottom of the employee management window.

I want to suggest that the build category task bar is closed if a management view is opened.


I had this issue once or twice too. I’m sure it will be improved sometime during Beta.

I also think the amount of candidates should be increased or improved. Increasing the number of applicants to 10 or giving us a way to speed up the arrival of new ones (paying extra money, or perhaps an admin program) would make hiring people for big airports much easier.

Perhaps at the same time we can stop the vehicles moving about on the vehicles screen when one is trying to allocate vehicles to depots…