New flight scheduler


It would’ve been a lot better if flight was scheduled one time only, not putting it again overtime when frequency ends.Example is (SA). Airline can cancel flight, make larger aircraft if traffic grows on that route, or cancel due to no traffic at all. Also, make it that we can actually set flight time, turnaround time so you can set if aircraft is staying for 1 hour on ground or 2/3. Or just 30 minutes? :wink: (Ryanair sentence here…)


I had similar ideas about the schedule system.

At first, contracts for airlines should get a own screen. We should be able to filter company’s and plane-sizes. And every contact contain only one flight.
Flight no: NH 807
Destination: Bangkok
Flight days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday,…
Contract duration: one year

To reduce all the contract work, you will get an email to continue the contract before the actual contact ends. The contract might be not continued, if you can’t keep your overall prestige from the airport (shops, services, …)

You can get more longer contracts (maybe more money as well), if you fulfill contracts with certain companies. You will drop prestige on companies, of you delay very often or you change the gate very often.

What I see very often is a wild scheduling around. But I would like to have a routine around the airport.


I think it should be a slot system. An airline sends a request for a slot. Depending on if it has a particular time or day we put it in our flight scheduler and the airline will plan flights in that slot until they or we cancel their slot. They will pay weekly for the slots they are using and will still be charges for landing and passenger handling fees.