New food counters and contracts


I really like the new cafe/restaurant setup where we have the small food counters now as well. Only thing is I would like to create small fast counter shops where people can buy a coffee on the go or a small snack/sandwich. Technically it’s possible to build something like this (@Alexander I love :heart_eyes_cat: the counter corner created automatically!):


But sadly in practice that doesn’t work as the smallest 1 star food contract demands at least 40M2 and what you see above is no more than 15m2… Feels a bit like the horse behind the wagon that we have small counters now but still have to built ‘big’ area’s to operate in.

A couple of things we can think about, please let me know your thoughts (multiple choices possible):

  • Low starred contracts demand smaller room sizes for contracts (i.e. starting at 10m2)
  • Regardless of stars, contracts accept smaller room size and with that also the sales target is lower but the airport cut and bonus as well
  • Only cafe contracts accept small room sizes (would need a cafe contract type)
  • Restaurants still need a minimum of Xm2 to function, as they need tables and chairs
  • Restaurants should not have X amount of display fridges but Xm2 of kitchen (should be drawable, or placable items like a small fridge, stove, counter, fryer, etc) and can demand X amount of tables/chairs/sofas

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A lot of the above also counts for shops, as it would also be cool to have small high end shops (jewels, bags, flowers, souvenirs, etc)


@Olof ^


Olof is typing!

I agree with mini shops!
Often I create one big Food&Drinks area and then end up splitting it into smaller fake businesses :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you @Puma ! :smiley: Took the better of yesterday implementing them as a “dragable” item, especially as they consider the other new food counters that are not dragable. I think they will definitely improve the looks of the shops!

Also, good feedback! We will look into the suggestions :slight_smile:


Often I create one big Food&Drinks area and then end up splitting it into smaller fake businesses :stuck_out_tongue:

I do the same, only thing is with the new small counters the PAX do not buy goods at the other smaller counters (ACEO-10412).

Edit: After a S&R they are changed to medium sized desks but PAX now do buy at all desks.


They definitely do! Would be even greater if the shop clerk would use the counter as well, or that you can place ‘dragable’ fridge counters as an extra to the ‘shelf fridge’ we have now, something like this:


Edit: @Alexander Small thingy:

After a S&R the small counters change to medium counters… (ACEO-10412) (same as with the small boarding desks ACEO-10411)


We actually did test it but clearly something is going wrong! Looking into that ASAP.


had the same issue also made repot, dont know the number though :stuck_out_tongue:


While we’re here, I’d like to shamelessly plug the prefab shops proposal I did a while back: