New Game options (Configurable sandbox)

I saw Jet’s post about the sandbox-mode and wanted to elaborate on the start-up options. With the game approaching beta I would like to suggest more options for starting a new game:

Current options:

  • Difficulty
  • Full Sandbox

Extra options:

  • Infrastructure size available at start: [Small or Small + Medium or All sizes]
  • Emergencies [on or off] <- Could even be a gameplay setting in the in-game menu
  • Research (R&D) [on or off.]
  • Starting money [Specific amount or unlimited]
  • Map size: [Full map available or just one starting tile.]

This would allow for more diverse scenario’s and to play the game in different styles.

Can you guys think of any other settings or variables you would like to be able to configure before starting a new airport? Put them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

Feedback is always appreciated!


I would like a game mode that would allow you to go back to 1960’s by not putting down security

All good options for @Alexander to draw inspiration from! :slight_smile:


But add a “select all”… don’t want to spend 10 minutes to define a sandbox game :wink: