New regional aircrafts and FBO

hello I think it must be boring the devs see spam from these posts. But in the same way I will make this post. Sorry devs!

New regional aircraft!
New regional aircraft what is it? Very new planes on the basis of few passengers! Like the examples below! EMB 140 seriesimages - 2020-09-14T121355.833
CRJ 900,1000images - 2020-09-14T121425.492
Sukhoi superjet 1000 download (9)
Comac ARJ 21images - 2020-09-14T121512.813
Why should they be placed? I think regional aviation is very important in all countries. It is also the most different planes. Some with wings, others with high wings.


The FBO is very important because of general aviation. I think that many ignore GA when they have commercial licenses. Until the current GA does not give as much money as the commercial! The FBO service beyond GA It also has air taxi, private flights, helicopters. Among others

Why should it be placed? To give a more realistic tone to the game! Airports don’t just work with airlines. They encompass everything. From airlines to small helicopters and smaller planes.

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Yes it would be nice to see some more variety in my few small planes. :+1: But I think it is also fine how it is too. :slightly_smiling_face:

And what happend with formatting? :joy:

I have a problem formatting text! I think it was because I hadn’t made a draft