New Sandbox Option

What is the new option: What I am proposing is a new option for sandbox that would allow you to eliminate emergencies or if not that, at least let the player set how much emergencies they want.

Why? It would add new option to sandbox, rather than just having unlimited money and instant R&D Projects.

Images, or other content: None needed.

Don’t forget, make sure there is an option to spawn emergencies


Yup! :slight_smile:

Step 1: Press f9
Step 2: type Stop Incidents
Yay, the incidents are gone!
It invalids the save for achievements, but so does sandbox.

But what I am proposing would allow you to have as many incidents as you want, kind of like Airport Madness 3d.

But Olof said this;

If you don’t enjoy playing with emergencies you can start an airport with the easy setting which results in no emergencies at all.


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I’ve elaborated on your request and started a list with configurable options for the game:

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