New to the game - skiping tutorial

Will restart a new airport … :slight_smile: This one is total garbage :joy:
One thing is missing in this game is a hint popping up when hovering the mouse over the map to tell what the item is. Because often, I can’t remember what’s what …

Just as remark: Such long distances to walk after passing the boarding desk can cause delays. The boarding opening time does not include the walking distance. It is only related to the number of passengers.

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Yes and this can be frustrating so in my current airport I have a medium boarding desk and 4 automated boarding desks for each medium stand and if the flight has a large number of passengers (over 100) then the boarding starts a few hours before the flight is due to take off. This can result in the flight leaving an hour early. With a flight with less than 50 passengers the boarding time is a lot closer to the take off time and even though they still board quickly the flight can take off late dependent on how many fights are in the queue to take off.

So true. I’d like to share some data about the boarding/deboarding:
*Boarding desk opens X minutes in advance, where X=maxinum_of(15+paX_count, 45)
*If it’s a remote stand (that requires shuttle bus) it opens 1 more hour earlier
*Boarding efficiency: 1 medium desk+jetway=100 pax/h
*Deboarding efficiency: 100pax/20min
*A320 will very likely cause delay if you use 100% scale pax per flight, since it has a capacity of 400+… Although you can try my new mod that allows adjusting turnaround time of a flight