New types of generalised desk

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Diffrent types of info desk


At all airports I have been in, thre have been many types of non-check or boarding in desk I have seen so for example airline services, car hire, currency exchange or even airport bus/taxi

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This could be implemented quite easily in my view since you could add a vairiable such as a 10% chance on arrival of going to a car hire desk or a 15% chance during departure of currency exchange. Possibly when desks make money the airport could take a cut so 5% of currency exchange.
It could be implmented in a minor bug fix by adding a drop down menu to info desks like airlines to stands. I have decided agaisnst adding each type to UI since this would probbably add much more dev time for you. Also with regard to extra airline desks maybe they could change ratings.

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I think this is a good idea. Perfect for after release or before. Oh,and welcome to the forum!

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Kind- of an information desk, but if for example car rentals would be added that would be cool.


I totally agree.

Great idea to take the existing desks and create more customisation.

A variety of desk types could improve reputation scores?

Currency exchange and car hire desks sounds great idea to bring some new levels of customisation

For car rentals it could easily just be a new zone. Requirements: X-Infodesks/cashierdesks (or both?) + Y-Parkinglots ( Maybe Z - Beutification elements like plants or something). Car-rental zone and parkinglot connects the same way stands vs boarding desks or Baggage bay vs Baggage claim. Same mechanics as for shops, You build the zone -> fulfill requirements -> Sign contracts -> get rent -> gets bonus if you meet sales

I’ve called a Car Park bus at St.Louis to take the mini bus where we left our car, perhaps a dedicated phone is in order!