Night version of forum?


White background hurts my eyes :frowning: Is it possible to add a night mode for Chrome? (100 character)


Hey EG, Discourse has no per-user theming, so, no


You can change it yourself by messing with the websites elements :wink:

I have done it with mine here.

EDIT: However. It goes back to normal when you close the tab and opens it again :frowning: And there are some colors you need to adjust everytime then which sucks a litttle.


Made a quick google and actually looks like we can implement this. Hold on… :slight_smile:


I hate holding-on…


You don’t need to hold on anymore. Go to your preferences, empty your cache and the option will be there! :slight_smile:


Let it go, let it gooo


Ahh… my eyes… my eyes can finally get rest :slight_smile:

Thank you all of you.


Very quick work, as usual!


maybe someone made a tamper monkey script for it? < found an example, now lets find out how to implement it.


Hey man, you can go to top right of the forum and click in you picture, then go to preferences, and then go to interface, change it to black… and you done!:tada:


ah, I did that now, still no dark theme, but it is a nice start.


for me is grey theme and yellow, its ok to read.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so much better what other themes can we get lol