No DevLog 101 this week but here's a quick update


Depends, if you’re in Japan basically every restaurant displays what they sell :smiley:

but yeah it would be great to have the tables linked to the room they are in and have them show products sold in the food store if they sit down there


I have added some product to my ACEOMM
shops: Batteries, Belts, various of newspapers, Biscuits, Body Spray, Box of cigars, Cigarettes sleeves, Donut, Milkshake, Milk, Memory Card, matches, Lighters, Lego, Key Chain, jigsaw puzzles, Water, handbag, wallet, TravelPillow, tobacco, Soft toys, Soft Drink, Sleeping mask, Portable Speakers, Sandwichs,Pens, Pack of cigarettes, Headphones, DVD,
Restaurant: Cappuccino, Full English Breakfast, Cider, Ale, Milkshake, Bacon Roll

i am still adding some more products


Every time I see the 3D assets, I wish the game would have another perspective. Top down is great and very easy in terms of asset handling… But something more into topdown/iso instead of plain plan view is something I miss…


@stephen could you share those files in a ZIP file and place in DropBox with a link. Those would be great to add.


Or send them to @EG0611. If they are compkete, we can add them to ACEOMM :slight_smile: That way everyone can enjoy them


I think it is unnecessary since product system will be changed in ACEO. THta will also effect ACEOMM


The link to the one I have done so far


@stephen Thank you. I’ll be incorporating those. The first mods I’ve added to ACEO.