No one will use escalators or stairs but will use lifts?

Hi, I am having an issue where no one will use stairs or escalators but will use a lift? I have deleted the lift and they all get stuck and wont go up the stairs

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With that sort of major change, the PAX are probably finding it difficult to find an alternative route. Try a save and reload and see what happens.

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They’ll all cram into the nearest lift over using the escalators/stairs, irresponsible in a pandemic really. Definitely something that needs balancing out better.

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Maybe @Olof can have a look

I had this issue too - initially I only had escalators and the pathfinder couldn’t find any paths between floors. Replaced them all with lifts and pathfinding worked perfectly.

Did bug report, but have lost the number

Having the same problem. Did send in a few bug reports on it. Some balancing needed i think.