Norfolk Metropolitan Airport (NFL) (Work-In-Progress)


Hello fellow ACEOs!
After the failure of re-creating Brandenburg Airport (My laptop hit 90 C when building the terminal alone), i decided to design a new and simpler airport, Norfolk Metropolitan Airport, serving Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area in Virginia US. With 14 med. stands already built (another 8 as remote stands will eventually be placed), and 2 runways. Very much work-in-progress, the terminals is still empty, the nodes aren’t there yet, and remote stands will be added later.

This is built in the older version of ACEO, the v.27.8-3, since the new version is still full of bugs (no offense, devs), which is a bad thing for my currently poor setup.

So… what do you think about the design, and what can i do to improve it?



I love the extra runway bits added. Good design I like it.


Nice design and I am sure with new runway fast exits and remote stand features it will be better :wink:


Thanks a lot!

I know, but as with the reason stated above, i will not risk the extra features until that particular build is bug free, or my laptop will burn. And also, i prefer manually building the fast runway exits, since it was much more beautiful that way in my opinion.