Not getting international flights


No matter which airline i select the workshop ones or default ones the only flights I’m getting from is Luton,Amritsar United Kingdom, and on the map the marker is not even at right place.

Is this a bug or something wrong in my system.


Can you show the airport with zones enabled please?


Here is the zones enabled pretty simple layout as just starting the airport.

I don’t think it’s set up quite right your international zone. You need immigration on way into it and way out of it. I could have well missed them though.

Also large stands are international only as a general rule for default game mode.


I have realistic international flights on, this was done to test that one stand is international and other is domestic.

its something to with flights as all the flights i’m from is Luton which in description should be in UK, but it says Amritsar.

and no matter how many airlines i’m signing up with i am getting all flight from same destination