Official BAe146 MDK has wrong positions of window-lights, wings and tail

Dear devs

There are issues with your official MDK for the BAe146

  • Tail Position is not centered
  • Wings are not centered, you see a small part of the windows below
  • Window lights during night are wrong located and do not match the actual window

Reported as: ACEO-21618

The screenshot shows your original png file and json file from your GDrive:

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Have the devs seen this Issue.

I’m wondering why never a reported bug of me appears at the Atlassian portal. It’s sent from a simple Sandbox savegame.
@Olof @Fredrik

I noticed same, what i am wondering is it a problem with
the mod that are loaded or do this issue have the Ingame Airlines too?

@no-fun the bug report, what i know, get only visible in atlassian when one of the devs make it visible… or something like this

When you file a bug report it is only shown to the devs so they can triage the reports and as they get a lot of duplicates (which is good, so they can allocate the issue faster!) they merge issues together. They often even decide to create their own ticket from a bunch of bug reports and that ticket is eventually shown on the portal, or one of the chosen bug reports that represents the issue. The devs definitely see all your bug reports, but your specific bug report will not always be shown on the portal.

Also please keep in mind that there is priority to tickets as well as they are working on stabilising A34 at the moment, so I assume tickets like the above are not on the priority 1 or 2 list. Expect these kind of lower priority bugs/issues to be fixed in a period between Alpha launches or during the Beta phase.

I had a Maple Bae146 and a MDK example next to eachother. Maple was perfect.

Ok thanks for the info. I’ve reported several other bugs in the first January week which were not reported before. So I thought there might be an issue on my pc sending them in.

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that sound for me of missalignment in the json file… i will give it a try to fix it!