One-way door for gate outflow

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One-way door


I know that one way (single direction) roads are coming, but what about door? Something like the security zone exit but applicable to every door type. The user can then decide if that door should be functioning and allowing transit in both direction or a single one.

Why it should be implemented:

This is extremely useful in crowd management, especially with large aircraft. Can be used to create different boarding and exit path with gates as you can see from the screenshot below (one gate has the jetway, the other is a remote stand with the shuttle bus stop at the floor below).

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YES! this would be so helpful!

I would love this feature. you can currently create security exits on a lower floor and have an escalator down to that floor after debarring, but you can’t do this where you have a different exit after boarding into the main terminal unless the security exit somewhere for them to be forced to go that direction, but then they wouldn’t be in the main terminal… Love the idea!!!


One way doors are in the pipeline (as are one way escalators), can’t remember which update it’s scheduled for but it is coming

I have not seen it on the dev board, that’s why I created the post.

Ya that would be realy cool. I also like the picture you posted. I am going to do something similar for large aircraft with 2 boarding desks on each side and a large door at the opening between the desks. With a one way door the design would be much better.

It was mentioned in this devblog:

oh ya in the terminal update area

Love your idea and like the way of the boarding and de-boarding flow you used in your image, mind if I steal that from you to use in my own airport. :slight_smile:

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I missed that part on the Dev Blog 135, thank you for sharing.
However I believe that such feature should arrive at the same time of large aircraft and large stands as it is crucial to avoid delays and overcrowding of the terminal. Without, it’s very tricky to manage.

This is planned for Alpha 34! We’re starting with one-way roads, then we’ll carry on with one-way doors… :wink:


Got it.
Until then, the passengers have to use the car if they want to go one-way only.

Aah… the own jokes are the best, just like farts…

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Will you also do one-way escalators when you do one way doors?

ooooh i want that too

One way escalators were a thing in the internal test build but they caused issues I believed so were removed for now but should come in later again I believe.

And stairs

Yes, pathfinding issues.

Alpha 34 @Olof? Ay mate, I haven’t seen anything and I am on Alpha 35.


There were many statements from the devs regarding one way paths over the past months. They would bring too many issues in pathfinding so it’s not on the schedule at the moment.


Got it @no-fun.