One way escalators

Is it possible to have one way (with half the width) escalators?

I don’t need an escalator that takes you from boarding back up to security or from baggage claim back up to the deboarding.

Basically the 2-way escalator means that I end up using space unnecessarily.


It’s planned, but not implemented.

…and I’d like a cheap, small employee staircase (only in staff zones)


This would require one-way paths in general. (Which would be a very good idea BTW)

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@Titule I would like to see smaller stairs but not only in staff zones as there could be a knock on effect so the stairs will be a huge bottle neck and slow people down causing them to miss their flight meaning players will be discouraged but not stopped from using them with passengers

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will it appear in a35?

No. Those will not come at the moment as one way stuff would make the pathfinding too complicated.

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