One way taxiways designs


Now that we have one way taxiways, I’m curious to see how people use it on their airport design(s). I’ve tested them but not really used them in an airport design yet, so cannot really participate in this topic (yet) :blush: But I would love to see how creative people are with one way taxiways, will definitely help me to get inspired and hopefully others too. Please share your design in this topic so we can watch and learn :wink:


Here’s my actual airport layout. Though one way taxiways still suffer from the way aircrafts path reservation is implemented for now.


Thanks for sharing, nice looking airport! Where do you use the one way taxiways?


Not sure if I misunderstood your first question. Any main taxiway connection is separeted into oneway taxiways, but one for each direction of course, just like roads.

Some more zoomed in pictures :

In my former atempt I tried to do a circle around the remote stands with one ways. That means, entering from the left side, leaving at the right side. Maybe that’s more in the sense of you question? I skipped this design as aircrafts needed more time to circle around (especially, as there have been more remote stands too) and due to the way path reservation works delays got even worse.


The zoomed pictures help to see where the one way taxiways are, thanks! My bad that I didn’t see it clear enough on the first picture. :blush:


I have a set of stands which are on a loop. One way in and one way out. Works well.