Only one passenger can't board the plane


Only ONE passenger can not board the plane and the plane can’t take off. This issue only happens for the flight using remote stand oftenly.
Is there any way to fix this problem, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

@jygeoffrey did you enable the always sent away feature of the flight schedule page ?

Can you bug report this save and drop me the number?

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I had the bug as well serveral times in my current save and reported it. Unfortunately, the log-File is overridden, so I don’t have the number. But I am sure that the title of the report was “THAT ONE PASSENGER” in capital letters. Hope this helps.

A general question: I reported many bugs but have not posted them in the Forum (or elsewhere). Is it useful to do that or does that increase your workload to much?

Yes, I’ve seen that report, however it was made on a now deprecated version of the game and I need this bug reproduced on beta 2.2-1 for it to be interesting.

You only need to mention the bug report number when I ask for it on the forum! :slight_smile:

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Got it.

That said, if the experimental branch is updated to a new beta, is it useless to submit bug reports using the stable branch?

If it’s a part where the devs have changed many things, then sometimes it makes no sense to check bug reports from previous versions. In that specific case, Beta 2 has many changes in the passenger boarding, specially for remote stands. It could be possible that this issue has somehow been fixed already.

I’m getting this as well on my current build on Default branch B2.2-1.

Here he is, standing in front of the boarding desk.

This is his boarding pass.

Here’s his plane, right outside the gate door…

Nothing wrong with the zoning, or anything else - if the other 87 PAX can get to their plane, why can’t he? One more flight dismissed before it can cause any delay to the following inbound flight…

Interestingly enough, it’s only at this gate (the first medium stand) and Gate 1 (the first small stand) do I get this problem.

Now got a reluctant passenger on a different stand (Gate 6), bug reported, @Olof

ACEO-35680 - B2.2-1 on Default branch.

I caught them before boarding started, so if you load up the save you only need to wait a few minutes and then you can see the whole boarding process. The flight is due to depart at 17:05.