Other Aviation Games


OMG another person that knows that game exist! @EG0611


Oooh yeah I love that game in small doses, it’s such a nice simulation and well designed!

And @BobbyRobert I used to play that game a lot when I was in high school, maybe I should get back onto it :wink:


If you are interested in airline empires go the ACEO discord channel, where you can not only discuss AE in it’s own dedicated channel, you can also get an inside scoop on all things ACEO! (uses bad announcer voice)

EDIT: The small world (S3-A) lost some of it’s airlines and it is now open. I prefer the small world to the big world as there is less competition, however the big world (R-something, 1990-2020) is also available.


@BobbyRobert https://discord.me/AirportCEO


Technobrain released “I am air traffic controller 4 Haneda V2” trailer. Game will be released in 22nd of February in Japan.

Unfortunalety no language support other than Japanese and no one outside of Japan can play this game :frowning:


well i think you can still use NetLea to start the game even thought it is Japanese… i’m a player of this game, i’ve finished all the airports of ATC2/3 and now of course i’m playing the 4, all of them in japanese not in english


There will be a modded English version. There is a community page in which they release English versions. I have already played the previous releases for ATC4 in English and they worked fine. Just google atc4 english and it should pop up.


I know dutch.download a.k.a. Max van der Geugten :slight_smile:


Developer studio of ATC4 HanedaV2 released this fast-forward video. It is like watching your airport in AirportCEO but 3D, bigger and wider :smiley:


When building this kind of simulations I always found; “running out of nodes” errors in my simulations :smiley:, and had to add extra processing capacity or inject pre-run sub-parts into the simulation. Awesome this.


(Laughing manically) but if you remember what buttons do what, you can still play! I have the other two, and a bad graphics card, so I can’t read anything anyway. But it the other 2 are translated, but they cost over 100$ to get in The US of A so… :thinking::thinking: It kinda works :pensive:


Hey guys, what are your thoughts on Airports Ceos, competitor Sim Airport, and how the games have taken their different directions. *Personally i think that ACEO is better but i haven’t played Sim Airport for a while


They are different games with different targets of gameplay.


For ATC4 lovers (like me :joy: )… technobrain has just posted this! @EG0611


another aviation game is on its way out this year called sky heven


Yup, I’ve heard. Very excited for a 3D airport game.


@Striker97 new in game pictures are posted :wink:


Can’t wait to play it!


Looks really cool!
Cannot understand why there are no good ATC-games like this for other parts of the world


The problem is Technobrain is very isolated gaming cmpany in Japan and they have been making ATC games since 90’ so they have strict relations with Japanese aviation on licenses.