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Skyhaven new gameplay video is released. I don’t know you guys but I feel like game is getting to somewhere


It certainly looks impressive, all the functions and systems (not to mention animations). Something doesn’t quite sit right for me on the visual side of things though. I’m wondering if maybe we just need to see airports built by people other than the devs but they don’t look that realistic?


I’ve just found this game for Android and IOS , it looks amazing. You can buy, upgrade and customise your buildings, handling facilities, build brand new runways and hangars, widen the roads and build rail links to improve access to your airport, and a lot more. Handling airplanes will involve handling the fuel, passengers, baggage, cargo, cleaning services, catering and de-icing the plane. The game is based on the previous one ( Airport PRG ) and it will be free


Anyone played SimAirport recently? Its got a lot of content now and seems like performance has come a long way too!


Well, me. Sometimes boot it up so i will not get overdosed by ACEO gameplay. So yeah, it get some new update, but to me it still the same. Thoose ‘new content’ doesn’t really add something exciting or new. It still kinda boring.


I recently played it after a while and felt like there was a lot to do. The game has come a long long way since release with a lot of features to play with. The devs seem to be doing an excellent job. However the scaling of the runways, planes and other items is still terrible and kinda puts me off.


There is a new video (German) about Skyhaven from the Gamescom. :grinning:


I really don’t like the looks


Yes I think it looks a bit empty.


Looks interesting. Be good to see the depth of game play, level strategy needed, ability to mod etc. Looks quite limited from the screen but obviously it’s a short video.

I wonder if it will have an active community engagement like AirportCEO? I love this game and I especially love the engagement the developers have with users, taking our ideas on board and linking up with us. It’s always fascinating watching the game grow.


We actually went over to their booth at Gamescom and talked to them for a while. They were a bit shocked to see us at first but they were really nice guys. :slight_smile: We discussed the difficulties with building an airport game and the massive processes which need to be simulated. It was interesting to hear that it was not only us who had damned over the complexity and challenges airports presents when trying to simulate them. It will definitely be interested to follow their project.


Has anyone here ever played Infinite Flight?


Me! It has a nice graphics by mobile standards, and quite realistic


The relations from the size seems to be nice. I am waiting to see, how the performance of the game will be in future, with larger airports.

@Glugeck the devs said, the environment is pretty empty and they will focusing on things like that later, as it is not necessary for the core game elements.


How do the airport ceo Devs feel about a new game called sky haven that is a very similar idea to airport ceo and already has alot of the things players want?

It is not released yet but it looks good with a more cartoony version of airport ceo.

@Olof @Fredrik


We already have a thread with a link to the game. :wink: