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Is it there yet?


I completely agree with your assessment that they wanted to get Sim Airport out before Airport CEO because as I see the two games, it looks like Airport CEO has way more depth and is a much more polished game even in pre-alpha.

Sim Airport looks more like a handheld game than a PC game.

I am going to get Sim Airport this morning though to try it out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely getting Airport CEO when it comes out, as I have been watching this game since the beginning, and it just keeps looking better and better in the GIFs and screenshots.

I would like a gameplay video soon though. :slight_smile:


Careful, you might set his closet on fire then all progress on the game would be lost!


Played a bit of SimAirport. Not working brilliantly for me so far - you start with a pre-made airport that isn’t entirely finished, and the funding you have means that there’s limited scope to redevelop it. Demolishing the existing development is takes a lot of time and isn’t a smooth action. The whole game feels a bit clunky and laggy so far - even with the tiny starter airport (with the essential modifications needed to make it work). And there’s very much a lack of attention to detail, and in many ways a lot of the crucial elements of the game are quite passive. That said, the game has already been patched so the development certainly hasn’t stopped and the basic functions are there.

I think their decision to give you half finished airport with no direction on what is needed to make it work is odd to say the least. Would be better to give you a functioning small airport or a blank canvass.

From what I’ve seen of Airport CEO (devlogs and vids only - obviously no hands on gameplay so impossible to make a direct comparison) there is much more attention to detail in this game than in SimAirport. I’m toying with the idea of a refund: £18.99 isn’t really a good price for the current stage of development, but at the same time it would be interesting to see where the game goes.

Guys, if you’re considering it as a stop-gap for Airport CEO I’d hold off for now.


Hehe don’t worry. We keep the source code on several secure locations. Fire is actually a real risk so it is too risky.


I really must say though, all the efforts you guys are going through for us, it’s really visible! Can’t wait to see the video, and then the game!! Are we still pushing for the end of the month?


Just a quick addendum to my last post:

I’ve kept SimAirport, and I’ve built an airport that I hope to replicate in Airport CEO to demonstrate a comparison. It’s been patched quite a lot already, so it is working much better but is still tanking on a pretty decent MacBook (particularly when there’s any significant construction going on). There is now an option to start from scratch, but you’re significantly financially disadvantaged if you do so (best to use the Sandbox mode). In Career mode, it’s only really possible to make money currently using the pre-made airport, but since the building is really the only interesting part of the game at the moment it takes away some of the enjoyment.

I did enjoy building my airport, but once that was done there wasn’t much else to keep my attention. As reputation increases, you get offered more flights which you can accept when you please (no destinations, so it really is just a flight number). But without any input the game would simply keep ticking over with little to no input from the user, unless of course you were looking to expand. This is also limited - even with a modest sized airport (three gates) I’ve already taken up most of the “large” map.

Passenger behaviour is simulated on a basic level, and it’s not complex enough to be useful. Build a cafe and everyone will go there (which is unrealistic). Even if there’s a long queue (inevitable with 100% patronage), the pax will stand in it and miss their flight, and keep standing in it until they’re served! Heck, some of them have been served and they’re still standing in line! :joy: Whereas obviously in the real world you wouldn’t wait 6 hours for a cup of coffee, and you’d leave the cafe in plenty of time for your flight (and if you had missed your flight, you wouldn’t keep queuing for coffee!).

The game breaker came when I couldn’t save my game for a second time, so I’ve lost a fair bit of progress.

It is already better and I’ve enjoyed my time with the game more, but it’s far from perfect. The biggest thing for me so far is that there simply isn’t enough of a business simulation in the background to keep me interested beyond the initial building stage. It really is just a case of being offered more flights based solely on reputation and accepting them when you can. This is the area where I’d like to see Airport CEO really come to the fore. It’s not just about building an airport, it’d be great to have the challenge of managing the airport’s operations even when there’s no growth. A lot of the details that we already know are going to be in Airport CEO from launch aren’t close to happening in SimAirport, and whilst I think the game will get there, it’s some way off.

TL;DR - Even though it has released before Airport CEO, I think SimAirport is almost certainly well behind Airport CEO in terms of development.


Ok, after seeing the pre-alpha video of Airport CEO and playing the alpha of SimAirport, the differences are night and day. I mean, SimAirport has nothing on this game.

I watched in awe as they changed the smallest details of everything you build, including changing the colours?! Wow. The assets looked gorgeous and so do the builders, and… baggage belts above and below ground!? Baggage scanners?! Gate houses between main road and service road?! And everything else!

This pre-alpha Airport CEO is mind-blowingly awesome. I have not been this excited to play a game in a very long time. Frederik and Olaf you guys have absolutely blown me away. (I hope I spelled your names right, and if not, sorry in advance and no harm intended) :slight_smile:

Now I am really sad to go back and play SimAirport until Airport CEO comes out. :cry:


just one correction: fredrik and olof. (i hope that i spelled it right now:grinning:, would else be embarrasing!)


Correct! :star:


@HawkeDB: This is Olaf :wink:



‘Frozen’ na??

This character was the only reason I survived that girlish movie with my small sis.




My bad. I’ve been very sick for a week so my brain isn’t functioning well. Still, awesome job you and Olof. Can’t wait for video #2.


this looks like a rip off of airport tycoon 3 and ATC 3 &4 not Airpot ceo but AirPort Master


Now I’m sad, because I just played some more Sim Airport, and I frown and think of all the beautiful assets that I saw in the Airport CEO demo compared to the cartoony assets in SA. :cry:


The ACEO video makes sim airport look like a joke! Cannot wait for the release


Absolutely. The only reason I got SA was to satisfy my airport itch, but all it did was to make me want ACEO more…


A slight revive. The ACEO video also made my itch too strong so I ended up buying SimAirport… as I also own a copy of No Man’s Sky from the get go, I am no stranger to the feeling of throwing money out the window for a 10% finished product. :worried:

Anyways, I had to pay 21,99 € to have “early access” and never have I had an e.acc. game (I own close to 100 games in steam alone) that was so much early and so few access. :confused: BUT I managed to play 12 hours so far and to be fair, SimAirport as a game isn’t bad, actually it’s good BUT (again) the lack of originality in it is hurting my gamer feels. It is visually 80% Prison Architect and it plays exactly like PA BUT (again) it is extremely clumsy and buggy at that. I feel it to be an “idealogical” clone of PA and I normally try to give every game it’s own credit… but just how the “foundations” are being build is just 1:1 how PA started and it is missing what PA implemented a bit after I bought it that it smartly removes walls where needed and doesn’t make the inside outside out of nowhere.
Anyways… time still flies playing SimAirport and I still got some fun out of it. I wanted to give it back after 3 hours but I kept it because I think developers should know “Yes you can make money with airport tycoon games” eventho SA is by far not 22 € worth.
Playing this game and reading ACEO devlogs and how those two Sweds try to polish everything beyond perfection :smiley: makes you notice that SimAirport must have been started way later and then rushed out because ACEO is so much further which you can easily tell by the gameplay vid and what’s more important: ACEO has a unique artstyle. It’s not truely comparable to PA because it looks completely different, it has other techniques to approach your financials and staff etc.

So, 22€ for ACEO seems for me to be a good target, maybe the devs think that, too. 22€ is good money for a e.acc title in 2D in the tycoon genre. And if you add DLCs for no further payment then … it’s a must have for any tycoon player.

Ye, today it’s the first warm spring day in Germany… nothing going on in my office… lol :smiley:


I have to agree, i played it a couple hours now but it’s quiet entertaining.
And they update with bug fixes everyday so they really want to keep the pace up.

But still, i miss the reality of it. It’s too childish in my opinion.
I’m really interested too see where we are in a couple weeks with both games.